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Arcadium Floorplan

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Arcadium Studio Overview

Arcadium is a 1000 sq ft space consisting of a luxurious control room, a lounge area with unique lighting and art features, and a large writing space which also acts as a live room facility.

The flagship control room is a comfortable and relaxing space featuring a wooden floor, custom leather sofa for lounging, and large artistically designed acoustic panelling on the walls and ceiling. Its designed with comfort in mind, being fully air-conditioned and buzzing with a creative and welcoming atmosphere.

Aesthetically this space is unparalleled to any other. It's fitted with atmospheric LED lighting beneath the mixing console and around the outboard gear racks, highlighting the room with ambience in a self contained surrounding, and a large coffee table centrepiece with unique lighting and a custom colour scheme. Often this room is described as one of the most 'vibey' and creative spaces to work in London.

The artwork was designed and created by the same mind responsible for the offices of Pink Floyd in the early 1970's. With the flexibility of the table lighting, combined with the ambient room LED's, any mood can be achieved for that perfect writing session, late night tracking or mixing sessions. Also featured is a large glass window space which gives direct visibility to both the live room/writing area and the vocal booth. A practical set-up with custom blinds allowing either a fully enclosed separation or a communal feel. The comfort and dynamics of this space allows for a truly custom and boutique experience.

The Arcadium monitoring system is second to none. The Audient ASP8024 is a versatile and powerful desk console, matched only by a fine selection of outboard gear including Neve, Focusrite, Manley, Inward Connections and Emperical Labs.

The Writing area/Live Room is one of the studios premiere facilities. It's large enough to comfortably fit in an entire band, including full back line gear which is inclusive and available for use to all clients. As it's a relaxing and ambient room that doubles as a writing facility, this space is suitable to host a variety of dynamic writing sessions. Complete with comfortable seating and a coffee table, this is the perfect space for collaborative songwriting. It's key feature is it's duel functionality; it's ability to also act as a live room- ideal for recording instruments such as drums, guitars, bass, brass, and vocals.

The vocal booth is comfortable and cosy, with isolated sound and direct vision into the control room. This booth is also ideal for isolating musical instruments during the recording process to supplement a live-set up.

The Lounge Area is a place of luxury and comfort; ideally suited to your needs. A great area to be situated whether it's for a meeting, grabbing a bite to eat or to have a quick tea break. It's comfortable seating arrangements include a large sofa and two large armchairs. A 40 inch flat screen TV and free Wifi are great additions to this accommodating space. It includes a refreshments area that enables guests to take time out in a space that still reflects the studio's ambient, mood setting vibes. Also attached to the lounging area is a kitchenette where guests can help themselves to tea, coffee, and microwave meals! The homely touches to the studio complete the comfortable and uniquely versatile experience of recording at Arcadium.