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Arcadium Studio Bands & Artists

Ed Sheeran

Amongst the many guests at Arcadium, we were pleased with the opportunity to host as a venue for a recent Ed Sheeran project with Engineer Will Hicks of Rocket Music. A truely talented, fresh artist who's songwriting and voice surpasses all expectation. 

Ruth Lorenzo

With a string collaborations and hit song writing credits under her belt, Ruth Lorenzo a regular client at Arcadium, is about to launch her brand new solo project. From a sweet delicate whisper in the wind, to a rambunctious roar echoed around the world and beyond; Ruth Lorenzo is set to release her first single this year.

Alana Newman

Hailing from the hard streets of Brooklyn NYC, comes a truly inspiring artist. Please make way for the musically-minded genius that is Alana Stuart. This is an artist with a story to tell, so people, gather round, take a seat, get comfy and listen up. This young lady is a true wordsmith - dropping lines like poetic bombs exploding with the brightest colours and settling down to deep and dark paintings of powerful images.

Remedy Productions

Arcadium has hosted several sessions for Remedy Productions. These sessions have included such guests as Jason Derulo, Loick Essien, and Roger Sanchez. These interviews have been shown nationwide on T4's Freshly Squeezed.