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Babajim Mastering Studio Overview

The mastering studio's stunning design comes from the pen of Roger D'Arcy of Recording Architecture, UK. Its unusual "stealth bomber" shape eliminates side reflections and creates an extremely accurate room with startlingly real imaging. The monitoring is equally impressive, provided by massive ATC SCM-150ASL PRO loudspeakers on custom Black Box stands. The sound of the room is second to none. It is even used as a model of the ideal mastering studio in Recording Architecture's studio design book (RA: The Book, 2011).

The mastering equipment features a wide array of the very best gear available. Built around the powerful and intuitive Maselec MTC-2 mastering console, there is a huge selection of compressors, EQs, processors and convertors, all with differing characters and unique sonic advantages. This way it is possible to use the optimal equipment for every track. Sometimes the music calls for extremely transparent processing (such as with the Weiss EQ1, or the Crane Song STC-8/M), and sometimes some color or character is helpful (such as with the Thermionic Culture Phoenix or the API 2500 and 5500). Four different analog EQs, including the acclaimed Buzz Audio REQ-2.2 Resonance Mastering Equalizer, give especially broad tonal possibilities.
Last, but certainly not least, is the mastering engineer himself (or herself!). Babajim Mastering is built upon the trained ears and extensive experience of Senior Mastering Engineer Pieter Snapper. Originally trained as a cellist and a composer, Pieter brings 20 years of studio experience to bear in every project. The result has been a slew of number one hits and hit albums on the Turkish charts, and hundreds of satisfied clients around the globe.

As an American of Dutch parentage living in Istanbul since 1999, he brings an awareness of the needs of different musical markets and styles for diverse geographic regions, an essential skill in the cultural crossroads that is Istanbul.

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