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Client Quotes About Babajim Mastering Studio

- "I have been recording, producing, releasing albums for many years and I have seen and the heard the works of many mastering studios all around the globe. I can definitely say that Babajim Mastering is THE studio to go to. It has the most recent, advanced hardware and software equipment, with superb speakers and a great room. Pieter Snapper is a great mastering engineer who understands the needs of both the commercial pop music world and the more classical, avantgarde sonic world which is pretty rare for a mastering engineer! I have been more than happy to be working with Pieter at the Babajim Studios for my albums. At the end of the sessions, I have always been sure that the album would sound HUGE on all systems!" (Erdem Helvacıoglu / Musician & Producer, TR)

- "Some years ago, Pieter told us about his dream of a new mastering studio. Here we are at this studio now and it's a great place to be! That is what we call a musician friendly studio." (Baba Zula - Turkey's internationally known psyche-belly dance music band, TR)

- "I am in Istanbul finishing the mastering of Riverbanks project. Today I listen to the tunes I recorded, magnified by the golden magic fingers of Pieter Snapper. The dream came true, it was the ideal place to end the story here at Babajim." (Titi Robin - world music artis, FR)

- "Mastering with style...our album came to life after Pieter mastered it at Babajim Studio. A really impressive studio and a really impressive engineer, a true winning formula." (Melechesh, NL)

- "I met Pieter Snapper few years ago when I started to work in Istanbul, he was already a great character for me very complete between his studios concepts, sound and music teaching , sound engeneering and the composition also...all these abilities in the same man...I was impressed and very seduced by the kindness of the man. I did lots of things with Pieter, but the main collaboration is the mastering of my mixing, and I should admit that everybody should go one day to the temple of sound (mastering room of Babajim) he built to be one of the best of the world...thanks Pieter."  (Tunisian/ French producer Smadj, FR)

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