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Babajim Mastering Studio Rates

*** Rates for Mastering with Pieter Snapper (chief mastering engineer)

£90 / track

£80 / 10 or more tracks

*** Rates for Mastering with Erim Arkman

£65 / track

£55 / 10 or more tracks


* The prices include everything except UK VAT @ 20%

* For music that's not in traditional song format (eg. classical music, movie soundtracks, 5.1 surround releases etc) please "Contact Us" for rates.

* Babajim mastering rates include any and all revisions (based on the original mixes) and delivery of the production master with ISRCs by DDP or CD-R (yes yes, we know this is technically the premaster, not the master!)

* We encourage attended mastering sessions whenever possible. If you can't be present, please feel free to send us your mixes in advance so we can listen to them and give you feedback. We want mastering to be a dialogue and not a faceless upload/download process.

* You can use the form on to upload tracks to Babajim Istanbul Studios & Mastering (Maximum file size is 2 gb) Be sure to add the artist & project name and your phone number in the message section. Audio for mastering should be in 24-bit WAV or AIFF format. For best results, mixes should have a maximum peak level of -3dBFS, and there should be no limiter on the master fader. Questions? Please "Contact Us" and we'll be happy to advise you with any part of the mastering process.

Terms & Conditions

To view Miloco's Terms and Conditions which cover all bookings relating to this studio please view them here.

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