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Hannes Bieger

Hannes Bieger took his first electric guitar lesson at the age of 10, and since that day it was clear to him that he would become a musician. Heavily influenced by his father's record collection at the time, which mostly comprised British rock music from the 60s and early 70s, he was interested in guitar driven genres at first, too. During the 90s he gradually gravitated more towards electronic styles, and he owned an AKAI, an Atari and a Moog well before he moved to Berlin at the end of the decade.

A focal point for electronic music for many years, Berlin shaped Hanners Bieger's musical senses even further. His own productions always brought together electricity and organic musicality. A freelance producer and engineer ever since he moved to Germany's capital, Hannes Bieger released his own projects from Deep House to Broken Beats on several labels, he worked as a mastering engineer at Calyx Mastering for a couple years, and as an author he contributed to various publications in the field of music production.

Today Hannes Bieger is writing studio reports and gear reviews for Sound On Sound, he is helping to develop Ableton Live as a consultant, but most importantly he is running his own studio, where he is mixing a sheer endless string of records. Deeply rooted in Berlin's electronic scenes, Hannes Bieger has become a go-to engineer for the créme of house and techno producers and DJs around the globe, yet his catalogue also includes numerous jazz and rock productions.

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