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In the vibrant heart of Brixton, BRXTN Studios is a safe haven for artists and creatives alike. Our state of the art facilities allied with our lounge space and backed heavily by the energy, spirit and history of the area ignites creativity and expression. We are community focused, so not only do we draw strength from the community, but we feed back into it supporting local artists.

One of the capital's newest recording facilities, BRXTN Studio is a state of the art studio complex located within the historic Brixton Market. The studios consist of 4 rooms and a lounge space; the main room, live room and two programming rooms. Centred around an SSL AWS console, and will a great-sized live room, the studio is packed with equipment, instruments and art to create the perfect london writing studio and recording space.

The lounge space houses a collection of incredible contemporary art acquired from artists here in the UK as well as the US. TableSnappr is also available in the studio with food delivered straight to the lounge from some of our incredible restaurants in the market. Scanning a QR code will bring up menus from Black Bear Burger, Cheese & Fizz, Fish Wings & Tings, Jalisco, Okan, Rudies, Senzala and The Joint to order from. A runner will then collect your order and bring it to the lounge.