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"An electronic sound focused production and mix studio"

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Devon Analogue is a unique purpose built, rural residential recording studio – designed & created by Tristan & Elley Grace.

The studio blends a mastering grade analogue & digital recording environment with a loft style living space which sleeps 4/5 people.

The sustainable and contemporary build sits privately within a secluded spot; overlooking the rolling green hills of Exmoor. The space which is 150sq/m has been developed to allow artists to lose themselves within a project be it writing, recording, rehearsing, production or mixing. You will be able to live and breathe your project, escaping the distractions of daily life whilst here to stay.

Our clients love the space which so easily allows you to become engaged in your writing, production and mixing. The main studio floor has been carefully designed to ensure the perfect monitoring standards which were designed and calibrated with Genelec directly; coupled with outstanding views.

The studio recording system is a hybrid system based on high standard Antelope Orion convertors running as a MADI system offering 96 inputs and outputs with patching systems allowing effortless tracking and midi control. The convertors can be ran as a pair or individually if you wish to print mixes to a separate convertor.

The Zahl AM1 console which sits within a bespoke oak desk is positioned looking directly out to folding doors to Exmoor and hosts a mastering grade section of compression and EQs which include Fairchild, Chiswick Reach, Manley, POM outboard. Patchbays have been meticulously planned to avoid the horror stories you often hear; our bays provide effortless hybrid patching.

The HEDD monitoring system consists of Trinnov room calibrated HEDD Tower Mains Extended and HEDD Type 30mk2 paired with a Genelec 7370 SAM subwoofer. All cabling is high grade Sommer with Neutrik components, all cables are underground routed to racks and wall boxes.

The studio Mac Pro runs DAWs including Logic Pro, FL Studio, Ableton 11 & Pro Tools 12. We pride ourselves on having our digital system patching as detailed as possible making it so easy to integrate all hardware with your digital led projects. We are able to clone our studio hybrid system on your own computers and laptops within a matter of minutes on arrival.

When it comes to our collection of analogue and digital outboard and instruments we have an ever-growing collection of vintage and contemporary classics from the mighty Waldorf Wave, Arp 2600 and Alesis Andromeda. When it comes to the racks you can expect classic 1176 rev Ds, Thermionic culture and Eventide classics. The studio midi system in comprehensive with any instrument ready for tracking use using DAW external instruments. You won't lose any time patching or configuring we can ensure that. Our inventory is constantly growing and if there is a piece of equipment which we don't hold, we can generally source most things.

You live within the recording environment with the building being majority open plan. To the right of the main studio floor is a contemporary kitchen, Bar and diner which is equipped to a full kitchen specification, nothing better to end the session sat down having a relaxed beer with the session on playback whilst a roast is in the oven!

Towards the rear of the studio are the three residential rooms, two double bedrooms which can be split to singles to sleep 4 persons and a spacious wet room. The rooms open directly out onto the studio floor, its got a vibe you won't find anywhere else.

External areas include a decked area overlooking Exmoor and a private orchard garden which includes a natural well, BBQ area and apple tree.

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