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Studio B: The Mama Bear

Estudio B is smaller than Estudio A but with nothing to envy about equipment and quality.

It has a 30m2 control and a 35m2 room, perfect for any kind of recording, from drums to vocals, and for any kind of mixing.

Control console is a Sony MXP 3036 has a regular maintenance to keep it amost brand new. Monitor system has a well-known models as Genelec 1031, Yamaha NS-10 and the KRK 10S Subwoofer, a system to allow you listening to the smallest details.

Equipment is divided in two hand-made wooden racks at both sides of the control. There you can find renowned preamps, EQs and effects such as Avalon 737, Neve 1272 Kahayan MP1X, Urei LA-4, Summit Audio TLA-100, Valley People 610, Lexicon PCM 42, AKG ADR, Roland RE-201 Space Echo and many other detailed in the equipment section.

Estudio B room is defined by its dry sound, an absorbent room ideal for recording voice or even percussion, drums and even piano, thanks to the Yamaha U3 upright piano in the room.

You can combine B room acoustic with Estudio A room thanks to interconnection between both studios and rooms.

Anything you can demand from a recording studio