Lake Malvik

"The Great Nordic Getaway"

Lake Malvik Floorplan

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Lake Malvik Intro

Lake Malvik is a new residential high-spec writing and recording facility located in the village of Runemo in idyllic Northern Sweden. Nestled in the tranquil pine forests, the studio has been built in a large detached farm house featuring three luxurious guest bedrooms that provide the accommodation for Malvik's visitors.

Only two hours from Stockholm, Runemo is home to everything that characterises Sweden - mountains, sea, archipelagos, lakes, rivers, forests and wilderness, with its own distinct character and picturesque countryside.

The studio comprises of a huge naturally lit control room, live room plus some rather unique recording spaces across its three floors. A vast array of equipment and instruments from the usual to the not-so-usual is also at hand. Everything about Lake Malvik was conceived with the inspiration of the writing process in mind.

Ideas will never be short in this wonderful creative space.