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Lion Aboard Overview

The closest parallel to Lion Aboard would have to be a Primary School Music Room. A shrine to the quirky, lo-fi and kitsch, the space is so much fun it can't fail to inspire. When that inspiration strikes, you need to capture it quickly, and the setup here is built for speed. 

When it comes to tracking vocals, your bases are all covered with a vintage valve-modded Neumann U87 for a smooth sound, or the classic handheld Shure SM7b for a more agressive in-your-face sound. Preamplification is covered by the Neve-style Great River MP-2NV.

The keyboard collection include a gorgeous Challen Upright Piano (i.e the Abbey Road upright), a rare-as-hens-teeth Fender Rhodes KMC-1 (complete with in-built cassette player), a Wurlitzer 720a (Tube Electric Piano) and a working Mattel Optigan (with an almost complete Disc Set. Even Vox Humana).

The stringed-instrument collection has everything bar orchestral strings; Electric/Acoustic/Classical/Bass Guitars, Ukeleles, Mandolins and Zithers aplenty.

Utters' Brazilian heritage plays a huge part in the sizeable hand-percussion selection; Shakers, Cowbells, Agogos, Chimes, Rattles, Flex-a-tone, Vibraslap, Bongos, and all manner of other things you can hit and shake.

If you can't be inspired despite the range of sound-makers on offer, you can always pull a record out from the in-house LP collection (Rare Brazilian, Jazz, Rock, Reggae and Soul) and soak up some vintage sounds.