Maltbarn Studios

"A writing studio in an isolated, stunning location in Mid-Wales"

Maltbarn Studios Floorplan

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Vintage heaven in a historical setting.

The Main Studio/Control room is located upstairs in our longhouse. It's a large room with a vaulted ceiling, new oak floor, and eco insulation. The room is divided into 2 sections - at one end the 'control room set up - and the other 'recording end' is more spacious - so you can set it up how you would like it.

The main focus of the room is the vintage 24 channel Neve desk, with a ProTools/Ableton rig. To the side of the console, are some racks with lovely vintage pre amps, patchbays, and compressors and other outboard.

Maltbarn loves Moogs, and they have a Moog Modular 15, (only 150 made) and a Moog Sub 37! There can also be found an original Fender Rhodes, and Wurlitzer. The studio has a great collection of vintage tape delays, spring reverbs, drum machines, and a large collection of other vintage instruments you can play with....including lots of vintage guitars and amplifiers. Finally there is a whole collection of Elektron units and masses of vintage and modern FX for you to experiment with.

Some electronic musicians prefer to use the Midas Venice desk, with more Aux sends, and digital outputs.

Downstairs in the living room, you will find a massive fireplace, and an amazing original wobbly stone floor. Located in here is a Hammond, and a very special 1930's Blüthner Baby Grand Piano. This room doubles up as a seperate live room - where you can record piano and other instruments. Its a fantastic, warm space with a medieval vibe. There is also a Yamaha upright piano available (currently living in the Kitchen). 

If you would like to scale down, and hire just the cottage only, the studio can set you up with some recording equipment, depending on what you are wanting to achieve. They have loads of quality microphones, and vintage Mic/Line pre amps, that you can use, and you can choose from the large collection of vintage guitars, amps, and keyboards.