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Marsandiz Studios Floorplan

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Studio A overview

Studio A is the largest room in Marsandiz, and suitable for the live tracking of a large number of ensembles.

The control room features an SSL 4048 G+ console with an amazing selection of outboard equipment including a Tube Tech MP 1A mic preamplifier and DI, Tube Tech LCA 2B VCA compressor and PreSonus DigiMax FS eight-channel microphone preamplifier.

The fully air-conditioned studio is acoustically tuned and designed, and two windows to the left of the control room provide natural light.

A large glass window in front of the control room provides a sightline through to the live room.

Studio A also offers an Otari MTR-90III Multichannel Tape Recorder that records and reproduces two-inch master tapes in a 24-track format, and a Samick SG-205 grand piano.

There is a recreation room right next to the studio where clients can relax in comfort.

Recording and mixing with an SSL console at Marsandiz provides an amazing sound quality and experience, and a certain edge to the sound.

The studio features a number of mic choices in a collection including a Sony C-800, AKG C414, Neumann U 87 and TLM 127, AKG C1000 S, Shure SM57, Neumann KM 184, Sennheiser eg 04 drum mic, AKG D112, AKG K 451, Sennheiser K3U, Sennheiser e 604 and Sennheiser MD 441-U.

There is also a cafe space at the facility where clients can order food from outside, eat, relax and watch TV.

Lovely Turkish tea and coffee is served at the facility for free.

For huge recording sessions, Studio A and Studio B can be used at the same time.