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"A lovingly crafted recording studio nestled in the heart of Brixton"

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At Octagon Studio, we care about the quality of service and recording. We've put together a highly trained and dedicated team in house. From our head engineers and producers to our studio assistants, we make it a point to cater our services to our clients. Our ethos is to create beautiful recordings in a comfortable, welcoming and always forward-thinking environment.

When Octagon Studio was conceptualized, we envisioned a limitless creative space with professional recording artists in mind. To bring our vision to life, we've consulted our friends at Gillieron Scott Acoustics. With their expertise, we have collaborated to build a space which is both visually great and with high level of precision acoustic treatment. Set deliver live tracking and production at its best, no matter the project or instrumentation. To best support a multitude of projects and creative visions, we designed our three modular studio layout. This gives our clients the option to use each room independently or link them together for far greater tracking options.

We welcome you to our newly renovated home located in the heart of Brixton

Our largest live room "Octagon" is designed to offer the best options for tracking with its unique acoustically designed shape and two isolated vocal and amp rooms. Our space is also equipped with an impressive, one of only two in London, D&B 3D sound system designed in a hemispherical array which is built to recreate any sound field imaginable. This offers a rare opportunity to experiment in immersive and advanced sound design. 

Studio 2 Is an independent immersive mixing and monitoring suite and when used in conjunction with Octagon becomes is a high powered control room. This room and the live room are connected by a large angled viewing window to allow for maximum communication between these two rooms.
Fitted with some of the most prestigious and celebrated classic and modern outboard equipment and high-end monitoring. 

Our Third Studio is a contemporary standalone production, post-production, and mixing suite but also has the capability to be connected to both Rooms 1 and 2 for isolated tracking purposes. With a comprehensive selection of vintage and modern synthesisers and drum machines at your fingertips.

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