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"A lovingly crafted recording studio nestled in the heart of Brixton"

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Studio 1 || 'THE OCTAGON'

Our largest space, The Octagon, is a unique creative suite designed for producers and artists to work in an open and enthusiastic recording environment. With two separate isolation booths in an open floor plan, it's the perfect space to capture ideas, experiment, and collaborate.

Did we mention Room 1 is also equipped with an ambisonic D&B 3D sound system, one of only two in London? Don't miss the opportunity to experience an immersive sound design.

The Octagon is suited beautifully as a live tracking room when used in conjunction with Studio 2 acting as a control. We have a diverse and multifaceted selection of preamps such as API, BAE, LAVERY, AVALON and SSL all at your disposal. You can, of course, use the Octagon independently from the control room where we have UAD's Twin & 4-710d preamps amplified through Either our KEF 104aB speakers or the ambisonic 18 point surround 360 D&B System.

This room is home to a '73 MKII Fender Rhodes as well as a choice of drum sets. A powerful 1950's Gretsch and modern precision kits such as Natal Birch fusion.  

The first of our isolation booths is a beautifully acoustically treated vocal booth with ample space for many diverse applications. The second is fitted with a well-curated selection of guitar and bass amplifiers such as a Fender Twin, Marshell JTM 30, Custom Thermionic amp, TECH 21 valve and Trace Elliot AH 300-7 to name but a few.

Computer models have been constructed of the room and simulations run to design angled acoustic panels to prevent any focusing from the curved walls.
Low frequency acoustic measurements have been made and custom bass traps built to control the room modes. 

Gillieron Scott Acoustic Design use this space to auralise theatres, concert halls and other spaces for architects and designers which enables the detailed design of such spaces before being built. This is done with 3D sound (ambisonics) using the hemispherical array which can recreate any sound field imaginable.

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