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Perry Vale Studios Floorplan

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Perry Vale Overview

Perry Vale is a large recording studio based in Forest Hill and is one of the leading studio facilities in its area. It is based around a control room and live area split between a large recording room and three booths.

Designed to specialise in recording guitar bands, the live area is extremely spacious measuring a total of 800 sq ft. It is separated into four areas: a 550 sq ft main live room with a dead acoustic, natural daylight and 15ft headroom; a 225 sq ft drum booth with a very live acoustic; and two dead booths measuring 96 sq ft and 30 sq ft respectively. There is a good selection of microphones, guitars, amps, keyboards and a Weber 5ft Grand Piano with a bright, punchy sound available for clients to use at no extra cost.

The 300 sq ft control room is centred around a 1976 Neve 5305 - a 4 bus desk with transformer-balanced direct outputs on every channel. The desk dates back to the classic period of Rupert Neve designs, and with the extensive use of Marinair and St. Ives transformers and inductor-based EQ, it produces a sound that is very much of its era, and of course still very much sought after today.

The main monitoring is through Quested 4 x 12 Tri-amped, which produce an extremely powerful and accurate sound. In the control room is a good selection of mic pre's, compressors, reverbs and EQs. There are also six separate headphone feeds, 40 mic lines, speaker and signal tie lines for control room recording with studio amps, as well as direct leads that run from the control room to the live area to eliminate such tie lines. Perry Vale runs a Pro Tools HD3 Accel rig. 

Elsewhere in the building is a kitchen and lounge with TV, coffee making facilities, fridge and cooking appliances providing a relaxing space away from the studio.

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