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"A great recording and mixing space in central London"

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With its superb selection of vintage and modern recording equipment, spacious, day-lit control room and excellent sounding live room, Rear Window Studios has everything you'd need to make the creative process of music production a flawless experience.

A turnkey solution for recording, mixing and mastering, the studio also offers facilities for recording and editing voice-overs, podcasting and audio books, with direct delivery of all digital content via fibre optic broadband from the premises to the client and publishers.

Rear Window's light, airy control room is lined on two sides with outboard, instruments, pedals and more, keeping everything you need to get creative within easy reach. Built for working in the box, the studio's world-class Burl B80 Mothership AD/DA converter ensures the audio you capture is of the very highest quality. There's a good selection of mic pres and compression including an 8 channel AMS Neve 1073, a Rupert Neve 5024 and a LaChapell 992. The studio's mic selection contains some choice options that include a matched pair of vintage U67s once owned by The Rolling Stones, and a rare set of Curtis Technology AL-1s that sound great as drum overheads, ambient mics, or for micing acoustic instruments.

The live room is 16m2 and is separated from the control room by a glass wall. With its excellent sight lines and pleasing acoustic qualities, it's an extremely comfortable place to record drums, guitars and more. Elsewhere, the studio offers an iso booth that can cater for a 4x12" speaker cabinet, as well as a private kitchen fitted with microwave and fridge, and a TV lounge with cable TV.

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