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Alex 'Cores' Hayes

Rooftop was designed by producer/engineer Alex 'Cores' Hayes, who's based at the facility.

A long time collaborator of fellow East Londoner Professor Green, Cores kick-started his career when he produced and featured on Green's underground hit "Upper Clapton Dance". He eventually went on to become Executive Producer of Green's three albums "Alive Till I'm Dead", "At Your Inconvenience" and "Growing Up In Public"; earning him numerous writing, production and mix credits. He also was the MD of the band, with whom he toured extensively.

Cores' experience on both sides of the glass as well as on the road has given him a unique insight in to the production process, from conception to master and beyond. Location, equipment choices, workflow and the general vibe of the studio are all a result of years of real-world music making at the highest level and a well-developed understanding of the mind of an artist.

Cores provides vocal production and mixing/finishing services as part of the booking. This involves creative direction on vocal performance and arrangement and full editing.

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For vocal production enquiries, please contact our bookings team.