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Rooftop Floorplan

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Rooftop has been purpose built and spec'd for Cores' high-end vocal production and mixing sessions. The intuitive-yet-familiar setup is easily adaptable to different workflow styles, with simple yet extensive routing providing up to 20 inputs/outputs of Lavry and Apogee conversion. A Focusrite ISA 828 digital board provides a further 8 inputs.

The analogue front end has everything you'd expect from a high-end facility, with pre-amps and compressors from Neve, Avalon, Focusrite and Universal Audio. Add the Sony C800-G microphone to the chain and your recordings will stand up next to anything out there.

The epic monitoring system comes courtesy of Focal Trio6's and Yamaha NS10's with a matching Yamaha P2200 Amplifier. There's also a Beats By Dre Beats Box for checking mix translation on consumer systems. Speaker selection and control is via the mastering-grade Dangerous Music Monitor ST, which features highly accurate stepped attenuation and comprehensive routing and talk-back facilities.

The headphone system is powered by the high-output, super hi-fidelity cue amp on the Dangerous Music Monitor ST. A series of passive attenuators maintain optimum signal integrity between the converters and the cans to give the artist the clearest picture to track to.

The 36-fader Eucon-based Avid Artist control surface provides hi-res control over DAW parameters and can be used with multiple DAW's simultaneously for total flexibility. It's logical and easy to use and its small footprint allows placement of laptops etc. at the mix position.

Pro Tools HD 12 and Logic Pro 9/X host a great selection of FX and Instrument plugins. All of the usual suspects from Waves, SoundToys and Antares are available, along with a long list of others.

A Native Instruments Maschine Studio drum machine and Komplete Kontrol keyboard provide extensive control over the suite of available Native Instruments plugins. Other keyboards include a Yamaha XS fully-weighted 88 note, a Nord Electro 2 and a Novation Bass Station II.

The acoustics were designed and tuned to achieve the perfect balance between accuracy and vibe. A HUGE (and very fashionable) rear bass trap with floating absorbers keeps the sub under control, along with floating side-fills and the rather striking adjustable Oak cloud panels.

To make the 'you play yours, I'll play mine' moment at the start of a session less nerve-racking, a wireless AirPlay system is available. Just connect to the super-fast private WiFi network and select 'Rooftop Apple TV' from your iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad or Mac and play your 'it's only a rough' demo from the safety of the comfy sofa. This system can also be used for video playback or even as a second, wireless screen for presentations etc.

By day, an abundance of natural light gives the control room an openness rarely found in inner-city recording studios. This is further enhanced when you open out the double doors to the balcony - East London suddenly becomes your back yard.

The mood lighting system provides the vibe of choice via remote controlled LED lights. These can be customised to display pretty much any colour, though for the indecisive there are presets. You can even have multiple colours for different sections of the room if you're that way inclined. They can of course be switched off completely and the warm down-lighters used alone for a more traditional studio vibe.