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Skeleton Studios Floorplan

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Studio Two Overview

Studio Two features two workspaces.

Control Room Two is an intimate, creative space, filled with unique, class A equipment and premium, inspiring instruments.

The control room offers a future retro aesthetic which is simultaneously luxurious and starkly utilitarian.

The Otari Sound Workshop Series 34 40 channel console is the centerpiece of the studio. It was designed as a high end boutique tool by the lead engineers from API. The sound is simply incredible.

Vintage electronic instruments, such as the extensive drum machine collection and Kurzweil K-250, allow artists to add classic depth and musical honesty to their mixes.

The wide selection of vintage speakers provides many options for monitoring during tracking and mixing.

There are quite a few option for recording media, including a variety of formidable tape formats, magneto optical disk, and DAT.

The control room is also the hub for the comfortable, semi-detached Live Room Two, which can accomodate 5-piece bands and string quartets.

The live room's appearance is warm and inviting, with antique wooden furniture and comfortable seating. 

Natural lighting streams through oversized windows and reflects off of the vaulted ceiling.

Studio Two is a perfect place for writing, composition and tracking.