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At the heart of our spacious control room is an ultra-rare vintage Neve 5316 analogue console from the early '70s, which we've modified to have moving fader automation.

Our 53 series is a really special recording version of the better-known broadcast desks and has 28 inputs, eight aux, sixteen groups and sixteen monitor returns - all in a compact format.

The mic pre/eq modules are based on the legendary 1081 and are considered by many to be one of the finest modules that Neve ever made offering a full-bodied, smooth and musical EQ.

We use ATC SCM25A monitors, alongside Yamaha NS10s and Eastlake JM3Ts all fed by the incredibly transparent Grace Designs monitor controller, which also has excellent headphone amps.

Our live room was designed to have a natural and balanced acoustic, and houses our gorgeous Bosendorfer 225 grand piano, plus Wurlitzer, a Hammond C3 and some nice vintage synths. Also, a few great drum kits like our 80's Sonorlite and 1971 Ludwig Super Classic.

In addition to our live room, we have tie-lines to areas in the studio which allow amplifiers or other instruments to be recorded away from the main recording area, providing maximum separation when required. There is also a comfortable kitchen/lounge area with TV/Playstation etc.

We've got a great collection of backline and amps too! Including 60's Fender Vibrolux, Fender Champs and a Vox AC30.
Our mic collection has all the usual suspects and more, but some of the more desirable ones worth mentioning would be our vintage Neumann/Telefunken U47, U67, U87s, KM56s, AKG C12, Coles 4038 and RCA 44BX.
We've also got loads of top outboard including Urei 1176s, EAR 660 and Telefunken V72s as well as EMT plates and a unique tile room echo chamber.

We run a Pro Tools HDX system with Prism ADA8 conversion and the whole studio is powered by a sophisticated balanced mains supply which provides an ultra-low noise floor for all the gear.

Our rooms are comfortable to work in and sound great. We've taken a lot of care with the decor and lighting, and the space is really conducive to working creatively and efficiently.
Whether you're looking to track a live band, acoustic performance or string ensemble, we always strive to offer a highly professional service in a comfortable and private environment, all backed by our years of experience, care and dedication for our craft.

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