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ISDN & Source Connect - Global Connections

SNK Studios in central London is the perfect studio for remote Voice Over Recording.

Perhaps your voice over artist isn't in London, or a Director or Producer is abroad? At SNK anyone can dial in remotely and we can connect up to other facilities almost anywhere in the world.

We pride ourselves in offering the latest ISDN and Source Connect systems, with all the standard formats for a full range of national and international voiceover recording and remote sync work:

Access to worldwide voice over talent
Remote listen-in and direction
Real-time 'down the line' picture sync via timecode
Remote ISDN studio link-ups
Broadcast PR
Radio days
Our ISDN Studio Codec is compatible with all international formats:

Including BBC standards, MPEG Layer 2, MPEG Layer 3, G.722, G.711, APT-X, Mono & Stereo. In addition, we can remotely 'slave' or 'master' our system to another compatible ProTools rig via ISDN - which means clients can see exactly how voice overs will time against the picture at their end, in real-time.

In keeping with SNK's rates policy, our ISDN studio facilities are offered at extremely competitive prices. While most London studios will charge extra to use their ISDN systems, we include them as standard. The only additional charges added to your bill would be to cover any significant outgoing call costs.

Please call or email us for more information and any technical details.

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