Soup Studio

"The Boat That Rocks "

Soup Studio Floorplan

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Soup Studio Rates

Please contact the Miloco office on +44 (0)207 232 0008 or email to discuss studio rates.


What the rates include

  • Days at Soup Studio are 10 hour days. The 10 hours begin from when you wish to start.
  • We may from time to time offer an unsigned rate depending on the time needed. Please call to discuss.
  • The rate includes an assistant. If you require an engineer we will quote ontop of the price quoted. 
  • All prices exclude tapes/materials, cabs and hire costs.
  • The rates include the equipment shown on the equipment specification but as you can imagine the gear does break from time to time. If we cannot replace the gear we cannot offer a discount on the rate. Of course in the unlikely scenario that a major breakdown happens during the session (such as the console / tape machine) we shall discuss the time lost.
  • Any equipment that is 'subject to availability' on the individual room specifications, needs to be requested prior to the session. This is especially important for guitar amps and backline, which regularly moves around the studios. There may be a delivery charge for this equipment if it is at another studio.

Terms & Conditions

To view Miloco's Terms and Conditions which cover all bookings relating to this studio please view them here.