St Mary's Space

"Magical Scottish West Highlands recording retreat"

St Mary's Space Floorplan

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Studio for music and the sonic arts

St Mary's houses an artist focused recording studio in an innovative and versatile open plan workspace.

Although unconventional, the all-in-one room style of studio (pioneered by Peter Gabriel at Realworld and adopted by Paul Epworth at The Church) has many advantages over very dead 70's type studios, not least the speed and ease with which we can achieve superb results. Overdubbing can be done in the conventional way, but with excellent communication between performers, producer and engineer the studio comes into its own when musicians play together in this beautiful acoustic.

The bookcases and log wall create a diffuse, spacious sound, while mic choice and placement allow huge flexibility over the amount of ambience on any recording. And we have screens to subdivide the space or build a booth for improved isolation or 'in a world...' movie trailer style voice overs.

It's easy to get a huge, epic sound here, though the many panels, screens, cupboards and rooms provide plenty of other more intimate acoustic options too. Fabulous Tannoy Berkeley monitors and an SSL SuperAnalogue signal path reveal the nuance and depth captured by every microphone in this truly magical and unique acoustic.

Our SSL centered hybrid studio is equipped for stereo, multi-channel and ambisonic recording. We would be delighted to discuss your project and advise how St. Mary's would best suit your needs.