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Steerpike Recording Studio - Rates

Rates at Steerpike are subject to application. We shall calculate the cost of your session according to the loaction to where the studio is going and for how long it is going for.

Please call +44 (0)207 232 0008 for more information

What the rates include:

  • The engineering services, if needed, of our in house engineer who as Steerpike Studio's representative will be on site at all times.
  • Insurance of the studio from load up at it's home base (Tuscany, Italy) until its return. IMPORTANT: To facilitate putting this insurance in place we must have the carriers information, type of truck, route including ferry's/plane's and information on the building the studio will be housed in (brick/concrete/type of roof etc) and security.
  • All the prices exclude VAT which is chargeable at the current UK rate.
  • The price excludes transportation, shipping, shipping papers & bonds of the required equipment from it's home base and for it's return journey, including all labour, machinery and other cost's involved in installation.
  • The price exclude tapes/materials, cabs and hire costs.
  • The price excludes travel/minimum 3 star accommodation/per diem at £50 per day for any of our staff that may be involved in the installation and running of the studio. We will require the minimum of an assistant to be present which as stated is included in the quoted price. If heavy scheduling is involved this may facilitate the need for two assistants - one could be of your choice, in which case who would be an additional cost.
  • The price excludes security at your studio that will satisfy our insurance company
  • The price excludes all power requirements
  • The rates include the equipment shown on the equipment specification. In the case of faults occuring with the studio's equipment, if we cannot replace the gear we cannot offer a discount on the rate. In the unlikely scenario that a major breakdown happens during the session (such as the console / tape machine) we shall discuss the time lost.

Terms & Conditions

To view Miloco's Terms and Conditions which cover all bookings relating to this studio please view them here.