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Steerpike Portable Studio - Overview

Steerpike is one of the most versatile location studio facilities you can find. The 'porta-studio' can serve the majority of countries across the world, although there are of course some restrictions - war zones and natural disasters are best avoided... 

This is how it works. Miloco will co-ordinate your session from start to finish: packing and loading the studio in its home base in Tuscany, Italy; organising trucks, ferry/plane routes and all insurance documents; and making arrangements for staff, accommodation and any additional requirements such as hires and maintenance work. 

Prior to booking a session we will send a technician to your desired location to assess the suitability of the site, and to make sure that the session will run smoothly, both technically and logistically. We can then offer any guidance and suggestions necessary to maximise the productivity of your session. 

Included in the price of Steerpike is the services of one of our studio assistants, although more then one may be required if heavy scheduling is involved - any additional assistant will incur an extra fee. The rate also includes all equipment listed on the spec page (see left sidebar), which is built around an SSL 4000G 64 Frame with Ultimation and ProTools HD4 accel, and which boasts fine selections of Dynamics, Effects, Mic-pre's and EQ's, and an excellent array of microphones. 

All accommodation, catering and travel costs are not included in the price. Should you require an inhouse engineer on your session, we can arrange for one of the guys from our talented roster of engineers to be present for an additional fee. 

To find out more on what is included at Steerpike, click the rates page on the left-side menu.