"The Backbone of Icelandic Music Production"

Sundlaugin Floorplan

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A Brief Sundlaugin Studio Overview

Sundlaugin is located in a small community on the outskirts of Reykjavik. The studio's surroundings are magnificent and clients are guaranteed to find working here extremely inspiring – the perfect scenario for anyone to get creative in.

Sundlaugin is ideal for tracking, mixing, mastering or writing projects. The bright control room is well equipped with a Neve VO desk and a great choice of vintage and contemporary pre-amps, as well as some compressors, reverbs and delay units. We run both Pro Tools and Logic and continuously update our plug-ins library. The monitoring includes Dynaudio BM15A and Yamaha NS10-M speakers, and our foldback system is an Aviom 16-channel mixer. The control room benefits from a large window providing a great amount of visibility across the rest of the studio...

The spacious live room - which was used as a rehearsal space for several years - is fantastic for large sessions, but solo singer-songwriters can feel equally at home working here. It is particularly suited to live recordings, an example being in 2009 when Damien Rice performed four open recording sessions in front of an average crowd of 120 people each day. The live room's spec boasts a wide range of backline: guitars, amplifiers, keyboards, organs, tuned percussion and more. There is also a large number of vintage microphones as well as a good selection of the expected traditional models.

All four isolation booths are connected directly to the live space. One of the booths works well as a dedicated "guitar room", and houses a great choice of electric and acoustic guitars, plus all sorts of amplifiers including a Fender Twin Tube, Vox AC30 & AC15, Marshall, Ampeg, Sovtek and more.

You'll also find an entire wall of the control room dedicated to a large collection of books and magazines, a balcony looking out the pond and surrounding fields, and a barbecue as well – throw on a leg of lamb at the end of the session and enjoy the awe-inspiring views...