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What To Do At Sundlaugin Studio

When in Iceland, there's a lot of things to do, on your own or with a guide. Hiking up a glacier, go horseback riding, walk behind waterfalls, climb up a volcano...

There are also plenty of indoor activities - Reykjavik has got about twenty-something bars on one street (Laugavegur) and it is fully possible to go visit them all in one night. Who knows, you'll might bump into some session musicians or end up on a live-gig.

Visiting an outdoor pool in the end of a hardworking day/early morning, watching the stars and northern lights will give you an energyboost that keeps you going the whole week.

To Visit

The Northern Lights

Often described as the 'Greatest Lightshow on Earth', The Northern Lights are one of Iceland's most unique delights. Most commonly seen between April and September, the dancing green and purple lights appear at night and are caused by the collision of energetic charged particles with atoms in the high altitude atmosphere. Viewing them is a once-in-a-lifetime experience - and they sometimes appear in the sky outside the studio.

Inspired by Iceland

On this website, you'll find lots of activities, special offers and even information about the weather. Basically, it has every answer to all your questions about your trip to Iceland. 

Horseback riding at Laxnes Horse Farm

+354 566 6179

Close to Sundlaugin Studio you'll find Laxnes Horse Farm. They have a bunch of different horseback riding tours to choose from. 

Blue Lagoon

+354 420 8800

Why don't stop off at the Blue Lagoon on your way to/back from the airport? It's indeed a very popular treet for everyone.

To Eat & Drink

Grapevine -

This is, as they've put it themselves, "Your essential guide to life, travel and entertainment in Iceland". It's true. And, it's in english.
Download the newest issue or read it online to find out what resturant serves the best food this month, what awesome concerts you can't miss and everything else you want to know about Iceland and its people.