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Swarapadi Residential Studio - FAQ


Bali FAQ 

Do I need a Visa? Indonesia has a visa-on-arrival system for Australian, Canadia, US & EU citizens. When you arrive at the airport in Denpasar you will enter the Visa-on-arrival line, where you will be asked for U$25.00 and then your passport will be stamped for 30 days. If you would like to stay more than 30 days, then you will have to apply for a 60-day toursit visa at the Consulate of Indonesia closest to you. 

How is Bali's wheather ? In general it is hot and humid througout the island.  On certain area like Ubud is warm and cools off at night. Rain is frequent but usually light and of short duration. 

What about clothing? Your rooms and the hotel are air conditioned. But it is hot outside. Bathing suits are a good idea. There is an infinity pool at the hotel overlooking the rice fields. Good walking sandals are a must. Bermuda shorts or pedal pushers are a good idea. A light folding umbrella wouldn't hurt either. 

What should I pack Pack? Bali is hot and all you really need is sandals and shorts, a sarong and bathing suit. Besides there is great shopping in Bali for anything you forgot to pack. Be advised when visiting Bali and if you want to go to a temple festivals you will need a blouse or shirt to at least cover your shoulders and a sash and sarong. The Balinese welcome you to their temple festivals but you must dress properly.

Can I take medicine to Bali, and can I get medicine while there? Yes, there are pharmacies in Bali that have most common drugs, such as antibiotics, anti diarrhea, cold and flu remedies. If you are bringing medicine to Bali make sure you have a prescription from your doctor on the label.

What about money? The exchange rate is approximately Rp.9,000 = US$1.00. Basically, things cost a lot less in Bali. There are ATM's all over the place that take Cirrus and Plus. Inform your bank and credit card companies the dates that you will be in Bali or elsewhere, as they might cut off your funds for fraud protection if they don't know it is you. Most restaurants and shops accept Visa or Master card, but few take American Express.

What language do they speak in Bali? Bahasa Indonesia for the local citizen in general, and Balinese among themselves. However, English is widely spoken everywhere and you can easily get by.

What is the voltage?  220volt / 50hz.  Normal outlets are plugs with two rounded pins.

Swarapadi Recording Studio FAQ

How far is Swarapadi from Airport?  Approximately 40km, or about 90 minutes drive

Will someone arrange our transportation?  Yes, villa will pick you and your luggage at the airport.

How many people can stay in the villa ?  8 adults.  2 extra bed for children.

How late can we work or record in the villa ?  Swarapadi is located in Ubud, and it is a common practice here that at 11:00 pm most people stop their noisy activity.  Since the villa is open and sound travels easily, you might have to move to recording studio if you still like to compose song or creating noise.  Studio pretty much open 24 hours.

Does studio provide audio engineer ?  studio has an in house engineer who knows the connection of the recording gear and to connect with your equipment if you bring any.  Depending the level of production, the house engineer can do record and mix, and has worked with many Indonesian recording artist.

What if the equipment breaks ?  Although we have regular maintanance, we don't expect the equipment to break.  We will try to replace or fix the equipment, so it won't disturb the recording session. If for some reasons the recording could not be done, we will not charge for the recording studio cost.

Can the studio provide certain gear or musical equipment ?  Swarapadi has link to audio pro supplier and rental sound company.  We might be able to source the requested items if you inform us earlier before your arrival.  We will confirm to you on the extra small rental fee, and availability.

Can I smoke in the villa and studio?   Smoking is not allowed inside the close room throughout the villa and the studio. 

Is breakfast included in the price? Yes, a continental or  traditional breakfast is included based on two person per room.

Do you cater for vegetarian ? Yes, please notify our general manager or chef

Can i pay by credit card ? No at this time.  All room and studio bookings will need to be settled before you arrive.  Other additional can be paid by cash.

I am a famous celebrity, can you provide security service, and arrange a discreet pick up at the airport? Yes. Please inform us earlier, so we can arrange a special immigration procedure.  Besides the standard security in the villa, Swarapadi can hire extra security guard if needed.They can accompany you at all times while you are in the island. Both option can be included for a small fee.