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Swarapadi Floorplan

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Swarapadi Residential Studio

Swarapadi means 'the sound of rice paddies'. Surrounded by rice fields and swaying coconut trees, this residential studio will offer something that can not be achieved in a normal hectic big city environment. The unique atmosphere, and peaceful surroundings will provide the positive energy you need to get your creativity flowing.

We believe analogue and digital have their own strengths, and therefore we have created this hybrid studio by combining the best of both worlds. This studio has an SSL 9000J analogue console and Protools HD digital recorders. Besides the standard microphones and outboard, we have some unique custom equipment.

The control room size is 6.2m x 5.8m separated by the machine room from the recording room which measures 6.7m x 5.5m. An assistant engineer is provided for every session, as well as a butler for the villa. We can help you hook up with the local musical talent who play traditional Balinese instruments. This will certainly create your own signature sound here at Swarapadi.