The Black Lodge

"A unique environment to write, record and mix music"

The Black Lodge Floorplan

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Located in the heart of Leeds city centre, The Black Lodge is a state of the art recording studio set in an old Georgian house situated within it's own private gated grounds. The studio aims to create a unique musical experience by combining high-end recording facilities within a carefully curated environment.

In the heart of the building is the contemporary gothic control room housing a 64-input Neve Genesys, to which all four production/live rooms are wired. Artists and musicians are free to roam and make music in whichever setting they desire, with specialist setups catering for vintage keyboards, vocals, programming and a live room featuring a Steinway piano.

The studio comes with a fully fitted kitchen with everything needed for self-catering or hired catering, with enough room and appliances for a personal chef. This room is purposefully kept spacious and comfortable with a sociable L-shaped couch, a full-sized dining table and a log burner within an uplifting and relaxing environment.

The Black Lodge truly comes into its own when utilising the entire building. It is an ideal environment for writing camps as well as full-band block booking lock-ins. Each room is set up with its own patchbay, wired into not only the central control room but to all other rooms, allowing for ultimate flexibility for recording in whichever setting is desired, as well as full-band live recording in different rooms, simultaneously with superb hearback headphone technology and video or control via iPads.

The Lodge also has its own spacious private grounds, with lots of spaces for creative sessions in the summer or BBQs in the evening. There is car parking for up to 12 cars.