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The Church Studio 2 Overview

The Church Studio 2 is one of three world class recording studios to be launched at the newly redeveloped Church Studios complex. The driving force behind this newly constructed SSL room is one of the UK's leading Record Producers, Paul Epworth, who alongside the Walters-Storyk Design Group and Miloco Builds has created a real gem of a studio. Everything about Church 2 is on another level: the vast effort put into assembling the studio's unbelieveable spec, the stunning aesthetic quality, the dazzlingly futuristic atmosphere and of course, the sound, courtesy of WSDG's inch-perfect acoustic designs. 

Studio 2 is located on the lower level of The Church Studios complex, beneath its sister studio and tracking room, The Church Studio 1, and next door to The Church Studio 3, Paul's brand new writing suite. The entrance to the studio leads you into a spacious 7m x 7m live room featuring original church windows which allow floods of natural light into the space. There is a tremendous choice of microphones and backline that Church 2 clients have exclusive access to, but in addition to this is a gigantic floating equipment spec shared with the building's other two studios, and so subject to availablilty on a first-come-first-served basis. No matter what, you won't be left short on gear when working here. The live room alone is big enough to record 4-5 piece bands, but there is also a large booth that can accomodate drums providing isolation.

The booth is accessed on the far side of the live room where you'll also find the entrance to Church 2's real show-stopper: its simply incredible control room. This space is something else. At the front of the room, sat by the glass divide that looks into the live room is the original SSL4000 G series console from the studio's previous era, only now it has been fully re-capped and restored to fulfil its maximum potential. Towering over the desk are Paul's custom made Augspurger monitors with horn compression drivers, which are accompanied by 4x 18" subs. These speakers are seriously powerful, and the perfect complement to the control room's masterful acoustic design. Behind the desk are several racks stacked with outboard modules: AMS, Bricasti, Lexicon, DBX, Eventide, Manley, Neve, Empirical Labs and countless other leading brands are all here.     

The icing on the cake of this phenomenal studio must be the atmosphere, which is mostly delivered through a state-of-the-art lighting installation providing a vibe for every mood. Flick through shades of red, blue, amber, green, white or any combination of what's on offer, delivered through countless halogen bulbs placed strategically throughout the control and live rooms. When the large church windows become redundant after sundown, these stunning lights really come into force - get an idea of how by visiting the image gallery.

Clients at Church 2 will have their own private and luxrious lounge to use, plus the communal kitchen located on the same floor. The many popular bars, cafes and restaurants of Crouch End are on your doorstep, too. You can find out more on what's in the area here

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