The Church Studio 3

"The Stanley Kubrick Writing Studio"

The Church Studio 3 Floorplan

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The Church Studio 3 Overview

The Church Studios is based in an impressive 19th century church building on the north side of Crouch Hill. This is one of the most attractive parts of leafy North London, and a hub of independent bars, restaurants and cafes drawing fashionable crowds. It also has some of the best views of the whole city, so it makes perfect sense to bring an album project here. The studios have a rich history spanning three decades, having been opened by Dave Stewart in the 1980s before being taken over by David Gray in 2003. It is now in the hands of leading UK Producer Paul Epworth who has refurbished and re-equipped the main two rooms, as well as introducing a brand new writing studio, The Church Studio 3.

Church 3 is located at the back of the ground floor, hidden away behind a brand new SSL mixing room (Church 2) and newly refurbished kitchen. The vibe of the room focuses on a clean, state-of-the-art interior - white walls and acoustic panels, a choice of lighting shades and modern, luxurious furnishings. You enter at the back of the control room next to a set of original arch windows allowing plenty of natural light into the space during the day.

The workstation faces the far wall. A Shadow Hills Industries The Equinox sits beneath the computer screen, with a 20 Channel Neve Sidecar to the left and and selection of outboard on the right; API, DBX Tube-Tech, SSL, Universal Audio and other brands all feature. The monitoring consists of Barefoot MicroMain27 nearfield monitors and Yamaha NS-10Ms. Avid HDX 2 runs Pro Tools 10HD, and there is a high choice of plugins loaded onto the computer.

A brand new Yamaha CLP 545 piano sits between the workstation and the booth on the left side of the room. The booth is ideal for recording vocals, guitars and can even fit a small drum kit. There is an enormous collection of microphones and backline onsite that is subject to availability. It mostly lives upstairs in The Church Studios 1, one of the highest-spec'd tracking rooms in the UK. Cast an eye over The Church 1's equipment spec to see what you might be able to use, and then let us know so we can check its availability.

Not only does the studio itself offer an inspiring setting to write music in , but the whole atmosphere at The Church provides musicians, producers and songwriters with an outstanding base in which to pen their hits. There are two other commercial facilities filled with other bands, producers and engineers in the building providing loads of creative buzz. Clients in The Church 3 will also have access to a newly-refurbished kitchen and rec room shared with the other studios in the building. You can view photos of the shared facilities here.