The Church Studios Complex

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The Church Studios complex in north London's Crouch End is brought to you by award winning producer, Paul Epworth. The complex is comprised of the large live room and vintage Neve console in Studio 1, an SSL room downstairs in Studio 2, and Studio 3's writing room. With the ability to write, record and mix across all three studios, this makes it the perfect location for a large act who needs to book multiple studios for simultaneous recording. 

The Church Studio 1, Crouch End, London, England

Recording Studio, Mixing Studio, SSL Studio

The Church Studio 2, Crouch End, London, England

Recording Studio, Mixing Studio, SSL Studio
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Studio 1 is an epic tracking room with huge vaulted ceilings, wooden beams and stained-glass windows. It's home to a vast equipment spec, 72 channel vintage EMI Neve console, and numerous spaces that can be used as recording booths, or manipulated to achieve various acoustic treatments. Studio 1 sounds great, and looks incredible too, acting as the backdrop for many music videos and advertisements.  

Downstairs is Studio 2, a beautiful-looking room characterised by the white panelled walls and customisable lighting, combined with the building's original church windows in the live and control room. The control room is centred around an original SSL 4000G console that has been completely recapped and improve to make it a pristine quality board. Paul's incredible Augspurger Monitors feature here also, as well as an array of outboard and floating equipment shared between the studios. 

Studio 3 acts as a writing room, but you'd be hard pressed to find a writing room with the quality and quantity of gear this one has! It boasts a Shadow Hills Industries The Equinox summing mixer and 20 channel Neve Sidecar; Several Mic Pre's, EQs and Dynamics; a Yamaha Electric Piano; and Pro Tools 10 HD loaded with an arsenal of plug-ins.

History: The iconic building that is now home to The Church Studios was built in the 1850s, where it was used solely for religious purposes up until the 1980s when the building was split in two. Half of it was bought by Bob Bura and John Hardwick to converted into a music studio, while the other half remained a traditional church, as it does to this day. It became home to Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox of the Eurythmics, where they recorded their debut album Sweet Dreams. The two bought the studio from Bura and Hardwick in the 80s, and in 2004 sold it to David Gray. The studio had developed a reputation as one of the most prestigious and high-end studios in London, hosting clients from Bob Dylan to Elvis Costello and Depeche Mode. In 2013 renowned producer Paul Epworth urchased The Church, completely transforming the studio with the help of WSDG and Miloco Builds. They refurbished the space to create the three outstanding studios The Church houses today, combining ultra modern design with the building's incredible existing architecture, and state-of-the-art equipment. Since then it has flourished, becoming a studio of choice for many artists, including  U2, Adele, Florence + The Machine, FKA Twigs, Stone Roses, Usher, and more. 

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