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On the grounds of a once legendary underground venue, now stands North London's newest all round recording space, complete with high ceilings, precise acoustics and cutting edge design. The space sits at the center of Ten87 Studios, one of the largest long-term studio communities in London.

At the heart of the 40m2 control room, sits a vintage SSL6k E series console, fully loaded with 32 channels of recapped and rechipped analog goodness. The desk includes 24 channels of 242 (Black) eq, with 8 channels of the legendary 232 (Pultec) EQ. The desk has been upgraded to include a new THD Labs - Tangerine (automation and recall system), ideal for recalling a mix or a session on the SSL months down the line. Sessions are tracked on a Pro Tools HDX system via Antelope Galaxy 32 to a 2021 Mac Pro with a solid selection of plug-ins..

If you're after other flavors when tracking, the space also has a choice of 10 channels of Neve 1073 preamps, as well as the famous Chandler EMI Curve Bender. A pair of Universal Audio 1176's and an original LA2A takes care of compression needs, whilst the epic EMT 140 plate is perfect for adding a rare and classic verb to your recordings.

Monitoring duties are executed by a pair of PMC 8-2's, ATC SCM25A, with Yamaha NS10's as nearfields. By request, Neuman KH310's can be added to the setup, whilst a pair of Audeze LCD-3's can be paired with the studio's Neve RNHP to give another solid reference point.

The mics match the quality of the outboard with all bases covered with classics from Neumann, Flea, Coles, Royer, Electrovoice, AKG and Shure. Pianos include a beautiful 1980's Yamaha C3 Grand, a 73' Rhodes mk1, and a synth collection including a Juno 06, a Prophet 10, Moog Grandmother, and a Yamaha CS01.

The studio's in-house Tama Starclassic Bubinga Elite kit features Zildjan K and A series cymbals. Although you are always welcome to bring your own kit, the club's is always tuned, setup and ready for action. There's some solid choices for guitarists, with a number of Fender American Classics and an AC30.

Whilst the club is an ideal setup for full band tracking, it's also large enough to comfortably seat a 10 piece ensemble. The space can also be scaled back to cater to intimate writing and production sessions, and with advance booking you can use the surrounding production suites to accommodate larger production requirements and writing camps.

The beautifully designed live room suits filming and live streaming projects perfectly, whilst the impressive control room offers a perfect backdrop for interviews and BTS studio sessions.

The club is an adaptable modern recording environment. Whether you're looking to ignite a new writing project, nail a mix or capture a new sound, it offers all you need to level up your project. Come join the club.

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