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The End is located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and was created by three high school friends from Long Island. Since its opening in 2011, The End has already had a variety of artists and musicians through its doors. The End started as not only a recording studio but also a rehearsal space, live venue and even art gallery. The rehearsal space was converted into private production rooms in 2013, but art pieces still hang throughout the studio.

Opening the front door will present a staircase. At the top of the stairs turning right brings you into the main recording space. The studio lounge is your gateway to the roof, control room and live room. This room showcases many of the studio's amps and keyboards including a modified GT Bass Master with two custom 15inch speaker cabinets, Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 and Moog Little Phatty.

The control room showcases a modified MTA 980 console with multiple outboard processing gear options, such as the Retro Sta-Level tube compressor, and a variety of pedals with walls of books acting as diffusion panels.

Through the window, the live room features a Baldwin baby grand offering some of the best piano sounds you could ever want. Being wired for 24-track recording makes it easy to record a variety of styles, instruments and sounds. It is often set up with a rare leather-bound 1967 Ludwig drum kit.

If you ever need a break from working, a venture to the roof will be enough to relax. The upper roof deck features some of the best views in the area of Transmitter Park, the New York City skyline and the East River.

So long stays away from home feel more like home the opposite side of the studio leads you to the reception lounge, fully-furnished kitchen, tech room and production rooms.