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Session policies

The End likes to get the business out of the way first, so when you show up you're free to make yourself at home and most importantly be creative! Here's just a few things to be prepared for before you record.


  • The session starts at the time booked, not when you show up.
  • If you're doing a larger session that involves a lengthy setup, you are more than welcome to arrive up to a half an hour in advance to get situated. Please notify the engineer if you plan to show up early.
  • Please notify The End if you plan on filming during the session. Extra fees may apply.
  • The more info you can give before the session the better. The End will start set up well in advance to make sure it goes off without a hitch. Please let the studio know what gear/instruments you'll be bringing and also what gear you would like to use.
  • Bring a hard drive or flash drive if you would like to take the files with you once the session is over. The End recommends a drive with a minimum of 32GB of space. The studio can upload files to an FTP server for a fee of $25 if requested. If you're recording to tape, The End will store the reels for you but it is not responsible for their condition if they are left for more than 14 days.
  • The End only runs Pro Tools HD 10, so if you are bringing in sessions or files from Logic or Ableton etc please convert them to .wav files(exported from zero) for easy import into Pro Tools.
  • Unless otherwise noted or contracted, engineers will not assume the role of producer for your project. They will of course record and/or mix the best sounds possible. But other than that they can only make suggestions. They cannot be held accountable for budgeting time or money for your project.
  • As the session winds down, please allow time for a rough mix if desired as well as file transfer. A rough mix is defined as a quick balancing of levels with minimal processing (reverb, delay, compression, EQ) so as to give the artist an idea of what the finished product might sound like. This includes using only the takes approved by the artist and will be provided to you in MP3 format.
  • The clock stops when all work is finished, not when recording finishes. The End bill by the hour, so overtime is billable in hourly increments.
  • If you would like a final mix of the songs recorded, that should be discussed in advance with the engineer. Final mixes are very in depth, so it is best to plan and budget accordingly in advance.


Please feel free to call or email with any questions or concerns regarding your session.