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The Garden Studio - Session Videos

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The Futureheads film 'Walking Backwards' in The Garden

Sunderland's finest The Futureheads came to our Shoreditch tracking room in July 2007 to record the video for 'Walking Backwards', which is released from the band's self-released This Is Not The World album.

Ross Millard and co substitute themselves for some endearing puppet imposters, to take on the everyday duties of Tyneside's most celebrated indie band. The video also features a cameo appearance from T4 presenter Rick Edwards, so what more do you want?.

Follow the link to view a band of puppets shooting the video for The Futurehead's 'Walking Backwards'

XX Teens film 'Only You' and 'Round' in The Garden

London 5-piece XX Teens released their debut album Welcome To Goon Island in June 2008. Although the album wasn't made at Miloco, we were still over-the-moon to see them in our legendary Shoreditch tracking room a month after the release to record 5 tracks for a radio session. Accompanying them was a) engineer James Aparicio, and b) a conveniently present video camera, which captured these shots of the band playing album tracks 'Only You' and 'Round'.

Beat Six record 'When The Chemicals Ignite (With Fuel)' in The Garden

The Hard-Fi-esque Slough band Beat Six used footage of their Garden session, interspersed with live shots to film their very cool video for 'When The Chemicals Ignite (With Fuel)', produced by Tristan Ivemy in The Garden. A proper rock n' roll video, at a proper rock n' roll studio!!

Step this way to sample the musical and visual vibes of Beat Six