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The Toy Rooms Studio Overview

The Toy Rooms Studio is in Brighton & Hove on the seafront of this famous coastal city. It is based on the lower ground floor of a commercial building, and is split up into several gear-filled rooms.

The most striking qulaity of the studio is the sheer amount of vintage equipment available to clients. Bands are spoiled for choice with countlres keyboards and synths, pedals, FC, guitars, bass guitars, amplifiers, drums and percussion, which almost overflow in every room - even the toilet has a keyboard permanently living in it! This is a truly formidable collection.  

The studio is accessed from a lounge/chillout area which leads into a corridor housing a vast collection of vinyl. The control room features a Calrec Console Q-series with 60 channels, excellent monitoring and a great selection of mic pre's, EQs and compressors. However, what really makes this rom stand out from the crowd is the wall of vintage synths sat directly behind the console, which you can view on the quipment spec. All keyboards that can be MIDI'd have been, so bring your demo, plug it in and within minutes you'll have your soft synths playing on the real thing.

Immediately outside the control room is a small vocal booth and then a door to the main live space, which is separated from the control room by a glass divide. It is a good size for recording bands and is inundadted with great instruments for musicians to get their teeth stuck into. Rare and vintage keyboards, pianos, guitars, bass guitars and amps are joined by a fantastic collection of microhones. A drum kit is set up in one corner of the room on a risen stand, while there are windows on one side letting plenty of daylight into the room. On the far side of the control room is an additional editing/programming space, which is sometimes hired out on separate sessions but can also be used by Toy Rooms clients.

Outside of the studio are some local amenities such as pubs, burger joints and a famous Brighton cafe owned by local resident Fatboy Slim. The many attractions of Central Brighton are only a short drive from the studio, or you can go for a vigorous walk along the coast and take in the wonderful sea views and sea air!