The Tracking Room

"Expertly Designed for Quality Tracking"

The Tracking Room Floorplan

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The Tracking Room is the largest single studio in Nashville, offering a dedicated 6,500 sq. ft.

Renowned studio architect Tom Hidley designed and built the studio 20 years ago. Hidley created The Tracking Room employing the highest specifications of fidelity.

The massive, gorgeous control room is a luxurious experience which can comfortably host a large group during sessions. The console, an 80 channel SSL 9000J Series sits in the center as the heart of the control room.

Monitoring is via awesome Kinoshita RM-7VC speakers, Adam S3A with an Adam Sub 10 MK2 or a pair of Mackie HR824 speakers and a KRK Systems 10S Subwoofer.

The Tracking Room features five ISO booths which are situated within the enormous live room. Despite the huge scale of the studio, these spaces all offer an incredible line of sight and include a reverb chamber called the "Stone Room" which is particularly stunning when recording percussion.

Each booth has been meticulously created as a separate environment. They all boast unique sonic and aesthetic characteristics.

The doors were designed by NASA to maximize audio isolation.