The Yard

"Digital Recording and Mix Room"

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The Yard - Recording and Mix Studio London

From 2013 Miloco is working alongside DMZ Live at The Yard to create a fantastic Pro Tools mixing, writing and 5.1 mix studio. DMZ Live are leading experts in recording live concerts and shows, and The Yard is now their base for mixing all live performance projects.

The Yard is located in the buzzing district of Islington, only one minute from Highbury & Islington station. DMZ Live has combined its own geart with Miloco's to create a great studio at a great price. It is based around a powerful 32 output Protools HD6 Accel rig with a great selection of plug-ins. Monitoring is provided by Boxer T2 large speakers, NS10 Studios or Genelec 1031's. The console is a Digidesign C24 Console Surface giving you full interaction and control of your Pro Tools rig. It is the perfect console for quick recalls and with the built-in 5.1 monitoring makes it perfect for 5.1 mixes. Add to this the TC System 6000 reverb unit and you have everything you need for digital mixing.

However, The Yard is not just a mixing studio, it is also an excellent writing space. There are a number of great mic pre's and compressors for recording through, a booth that is large enough to fit a drum kit and some great writing gear including a bass guitar, electric guitar, acoustic guitars, MS-10 Synth, Moog Prodigy and other goodies. It is all offered at a competitive price making The Yard a great choice of studio for getting your early ideas down or for mixing your next record.