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Put yourself in Los Angeles.

Valley Recording Company is located in the heart of Burbank, California down a private corridor in a back lot away from the street. Once you are parked in our secluded yard you enter the un assuming entrance to a world class recording space. VRC was designed by Joe Cardamone as a sanctuary to regional, national and global artists to call home while creating their most important work. Every room in the building was crafted with specific functions in mind from scratch providing a fully customized recording studio.

Valley Recording Company features two great live rooms of completely different design and texture. Studio A, the largest of our live rooms, feels like a time machine to the great recording studios of the 50's and 60's. Pegboard and classic tile give a familiar timeless sound and feel that makes for one of the most enjoyable spaces to play music in anywhere in the world today. 17 foot ceilings that bend down to create a unique sound all to it's own. It's an incredible drum room that offers frighteningly good separation when a full band is performing. Directly behind the main live room is a tech shop that doubles as a bass closet where you will often find one of our Ampeg B-15's parked.

Across from Studio A live room is the B live room. This room often moonlights as a large booth for amps, a singer or anything that may need to be outside of the main tracking area. The treatment of this room was inspired by a favorite rehearsal studio in Hollywood called Cole that is long since gone. Even though Cole was a rehearsal space some great records were made there because of how cool the rooms sounded. Down to the burlap walls we tried to involve the essence of Cole. Studio B is where you set up a drum kit to get that tight booth 70's kit.

The studio A control room is a dark comfortable space with few parallel surfaces. Purple and black fabrics cover the walls broken up by angles and quadratic diffusers. This room is a joy to mix in, play in and a great space to simply listen to music. The edges of the room are lined with outboard and guitars but the central focus is the fully equipped API 1608 console. The setting is professional but not intimidating. Everything is geared towards making records and directing energy towards art and performance.

Outside control room A is the long VRC corridor that often doubles as our chamber. By happy accident this hallway made of wood and concrete turned out to be a fantastic effect to be used on anything from drums to sax to vocals.

Studio B control room features a full Pro Tools HD rig as well. This control room is a miniaturized version of studio A featuring its own set of mics, pres, compressors and other gear. One of central sounds in B is a Chandler mini mixer providing another area for timeless production.

All the studio rooms are packed with instruments. Pianos, Guitars, Drums, Organs, Synths are all there to be played and be inspired by. If there is something that we don't have you can be sure that it's only a phone call away.

Valley Recording Company is a private studio when you work here you become a member.