Work Experience


The Miloco work experience scheme

As we were being continually asked to take on work experience placements Miloco developed a scheme for students over the age of 18 with basic structure and guidance. We offer 2-4 week slots to allow applicants the opportunity to understand how a recording studio operates. In an effort to reduce the number of enquiries and filter out misinformed applicants we are totally honest about what this time entails. We are clear at the outset that they will not get the chance to sit in front of mixing desks or hang out with rock stars and are far more likely to be making tea, running between buildings and doing very basic tasks. Time spent with us should help young people to make more informed career decisions.


Training courses in the music industry

In principle we support degree courses in audio engineering/sound design. The course fees can be very high and most often they are unrealistic about future employment possibilities at the end of the course. The majority of the people who ask for voluntary work experience have usually attended a course of some kind and while they may have a qualification they are often unprepared to work within a commercial environment. All applicants need to be aware that the engineers and assistants Miloco utilise are all freelancers.


The benefits for the work experience volunteers

As we provide a professional service to a varied clientele, it is paramount that only experienced Miloco freelancers work on all sessions. We delegate tasks to the work experience placements within the buildings but outside of the recording studios themselves. However if some of the producers, engineers or assistants are working without clients present they may allow work experience placements to sit in on their sessions. They may also be asked to help set up at the start of a new session alongside the assistant. Placements will learn how a studio runs day-to-day and be involved in the seemingly mundane tasks that make a session run smoothly. They may get the opportunity to talk to some of the freelance engineers and producers who work at the studios and who can offer incredibly good advice about how sessions operate based on their own experience and knowledge. This is dependant on whoever may be recording at the time and is not guaranteed. We do know that quite a few people have gone away knowing that they no longer want to be engineers and have learned that this is not the job for them.


Still interested?

If you are interested in finding out more on applying for work experience at Miloco, and aged 18 or over please click here. Please be aware these spaces do get booked up quite far in advance and we can’t respond to each application.

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