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Miloco offers work experience placements for between 2 and 4 weeks. We will try to get you involved in some of the day-to-day activities concerned with running a recording studio. The placements are based at our London main office.

Unfortunately the positions are voluntary and unpaid and if you are accepted you may find yourself on a long waiting list. We cannot stress highly enough that you will probably not be working in any of the studios or using any of the equipment, however experienced you may consider yourself, so please do not apply if this is your aim.

What you will not learn:

While we try to show you the mechanics of how a recording studio works, the placement is not a training course.
We cannot promise that we will have time to teach you about equipment or recording methods but we will try to give you specific tasks to do while you are with us and you will receive a written guide from us before you start. There will be opportunities to ask our engineers or assistants questions while you are with us.

What you will learn:

We intend to show you how life is in a busy recording studio. If chosen a lot of your time may be spent supporting our management staff and moving between our various locations. We are quite a unique recording studio company in that we have a large number of studios throughout London. Two weeks is not really enough to grasp how recording studios operate but we hope it will give you a good insight and may help to decide whether or not it is the career for you. Typical tasks:

While you are with us we will be asking you to do things to keep you busy. These may vary on a day-to-day basis and you will be expected to have a modicum of initiative. Here are some typical tasks:-

1. Tea, tea, tea – Forget your Protools or Logic, if you can’t make good cups of tea you will never make it as a good assistant. Offer teas frequently and often to office staff, clients visiting the studios and assistants looking after the sessions.

2. Cleanliness and Tidiness – We pride ourselves in making sure our studios are clean, tidy and well presented. This includes the communal areas such as kitchens and rec/ TV rooms. You will be expected to empty dishwashers, keep surfaces clear and check supplies.

3. Spring Cleans – We hope that our studios are working pretty much every day of the year but if there are available days we take the opportunity to go in and give them a good refresh.

3. Moving Around – Due to the fact that our studios are located throughout London there is often a trip to be made around the rooms distributing supplies, collecting drives or helping to prepare sessions.

5. Breakfasts / lunches – Throughout the day our clients may ask for food runs to the shops or nearby restaurants, take aways or supermarkets.

6. Office duties – There will be various office duties that you may be asked to do. The most important is answering the door politely and promptly.

If we have not dampened your enthusiasm, you are over 18 and would still like to do a few weeks work experience then please complete the form (below) in full. The placements run Monday to Friday 10am-6pm. Please be aware that the placements do get booked up quite far in advance and due to the volume of applicants we can’t reply to each one.

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