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A state-of-the-art boutique recording studio brimming with character, The Black Lodge is set in an old Georgian house and offers a truly unique musical experience by combining world-class Neve Genesys recording facilities with elegant interior design to create an environment where creativity flows.

The Chairworks is one of northern England's largest and finest residential recording studio complexes. The Leeds recording studio is the final incarnation in a long heritage of recording studios in the Yorkshire area, run by a team of dedicated professionals who have left no stone unturned in their quest for audio perfection.

The Chairworks, Near Leeds, England

Recording Studio, Residential Studio, Mixing Studio, SSL Studio
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The Black Lodge is a state of the art recording studio set in an old Georgian house situated within it's own private gated grounds. The studio aims to create a unique musical experience by combining high-end recording facilities within a carefully curated environment. In the heart of the building is the contemporary gothic control room housing a 64-input Neve Genesys, to which all four production/live rooms are wired. Artists and musicians are free to roam and make music in whichever setting they desire, with specialist setups catering for vintage keyboards, vocals, programming and a live room featuring a Steinway piano.

The Chairworks' Studio A control room has one of the largest collections of high-end outboard gear in Europe and is built around what many believe to be the ultimate mixing console - a superbly maintained SSL 4000 G+ with flying faders, total recall and Ultimation. The double-height live room was designed by studio legend John Wood, and compliments the already impressive array of live spaces and sound-treated booths at the Leeds recording studio. Finally, with 96 channels of immaculate Prism Sound ADA-8XR conversion, The Chairworks can capture performances perfectly through a large selection of first-class microphones and vintage preamps.

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