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Here at Miloco we understand how important your project is, all the effort that you have put into the recording process and the risks and worry associated with trusting someone to do the final mix. Our engineers have all the creative and technical skills to take your tracks to a new level, and the combination of their ears and our world-class mix rooms with extremely accurate monitoring guarantees the best possible results for all genres of music. We are so confident that our online mixing service will find you the perfect combination, that we even offer clients a money back guarantee

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How does it work?

To book your mix simply log in, book a session and upload your files. We'll find you an available engineer and a studio. You can sit back and relax while we take care of the rest. Mixes are normally completed within 10 days and include one round of revisions.

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Buy your online mix

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Upload your files

Zip your files and upload to our server, all within your account dashboard.

Receive your mix

Receive your mix

Review your mix and receive your files. Final delivery will include; a full resolution stereo mix, a limited reference mix, as well as instrumental and acapella mixes. If you are unhappy with your online mix and don't want to proceed with the revision process we will offer you a full refund.

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Buy Online Mixing

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What people say about us

"Without delay I was connected to a skilled engineer and my tracks were promptly mixed in one of Miloco's impressive studios. The results were fantastic. My tracks had a stronger focal point, added punch and most importantly for me, my music now holds up against my favourite artists. This is the best online mixing service, I thoroughly recommend and won’t use anything else."

Patrick McKechnie

"This was my first time using an online mixing service and the results were amazing. Quick turnaround with a quality mix, all for an affordable price as an independent artist looking to progress in the music industry. The portal makes it very easy to upload files and communicate with your assigned engineer. I would definitely use this option again and highly recommend to anyone considering it."

Nathan Lyons

"The quality of a song is based on a team work: the songwriter, the singer, the musicians, the producer and the mixing engineers. Our tracks were sent from Tokyo to Miloco in London, and they were extremely efficient in delivering high quality mixes which are simply perfect - meeting our expectations and delivering a final result that we wouldn’t be able to achieve ourselves. We are very proud of our new tracks thanks to Miloco - they are now definitely part of the team!"

Alexandre Breal


Have some questions? We've got you covered, check the FAQ's below. If your answer's not there, contact

What is a revision?

A revision is an updated version of the mix which accommodates a handful of minor adjustments. Some examples include; balance adjustments, making vocals slightly wetter, I’d like the synth pads to fade up throughout the verse or, the bass could be a little dirtier.

Can I have more than one revision with my mix?

Yes, of course you can! Additional revisions can be completed for an additional fee based on an hourly rate

How many tracks of audio can I send?

Our online mix rates are based on a 48 channel limit (stereo files are two channels). If you have more channels, not to worry, we can accommodate your needs for an additional fee. (If you want to save channels, bouncing multiple backing vocal tracks as a stereo mix is a good way to streamline your track count, for example.)

How many songs can I have mixed within the 10-day turnaround?

Our 10-day mix estimate is based on a 4 song per project maximum. If you have more than 4 songs you would like us to mix, go ahead and book anyway, we can do this for you, it just may take longer than our target of 10 days. We’ll give you an ETA once the booking is confirmed.

What do I get?

Once the mix is complete we’ll send you: Full resolution stereo mix | Limited reference mix (16bit/44.1k WAV & MP3) | Instrumental mix | A cappella mix

How long can a song be?

As long as you want! Our 10-day turnaround is based on the idea songs will generally be around or under 5 to 6 minutes. If you’re booking a group of songs that are longer than this that’s totally fine, it just may affect our ability to complete the songs within 10 days. We’ll give you an ETA on booking confirmation. We always do our best to accommodate you, but if you book in 5x 30 minute songs for example, we might have to speak about an appropriate way forward, as the online mix may not be for you.

Can I submit references?

Yes. If there is a specific direction that you would like your song to head, let us know what you’d like it compared to and what you like about the reference. We’ll keep that in mind during the mix.

When and how do I pay?

For online mixes payment is required during the booking. We’ll begin on your song once this has cleared. You can either pay via debit or credit card. All prices quoted exclude VAT.

Can I choose which engineer mixes my songs?

For the special online mix rate this isn’t an option, but rest assured your song will be mixed by one of our experienced engineers. If you would like to work with a specific engineer, please contact our bookings team for engineer and studio rates.

Can I choose which studio my songs are mixed in?

The engineer assigned to your mix will complete the mixes in a studio which is available on the days they are available. For this reason, choosing a specific studio for your mix isn’t an option for the special online mix rate. However, if you would like to use a specific studio please contact our bookings team for studio rates and availability.

Why is the online mix rate so cheap?!

Our online mix service is designed to support independent musicians. We’re able to accommodate these mixes at a very special rate by completing them in one of our rooms which may otherwise be empty. We both win!

What files should I deliver?

We predominately mix from Pro Tools. If you do too, then great, send us your pro tools session. Be sure to commit any processing you wish to keep, because we may have different plug-ins available to the ones you do. If you’re working from an alternate DAW, we’ll need audio files exported from your session at the sample rate and bit depth they were recorded at. Make sure all audio files begin from the same point, like bar 1/beat 1 and are WAV or AIFF (44.1, 48, 88.2 or 96KHZ). Please bounce/commit any MIDI instruments as audio files, and bit depth should be 24bit or 32bit-Floating Point.

Wet or Dry files, which would you like?

As a general rule, we’d like to begin from where you finished. Commit to any effects or processing you feel are integral to the overall picture. The sound is the sound! We do however ask that you send us both wet and dry options for vocals and generally any effects which are easily recreated. This allows us the flexibility to expand on your ideas if it’s appropriate. If in doubt, send us both! Just be sure to label the files correctly and let us know.

Can you fix the timing or tuning of some tracks?

You bet we can. However, that is an additional task to mixing. For this reason, we ask that you take care of these types of editing before the mix. If you would like these types of things to be completed by our engineer’s, we can accommodate you for an additional fee. Any editing may increase the turnaround time of your project beyond the 10-day guarantee.

Do you need to know the tempo?

Yes, please! If the song changes tempo, please provide us with the details. If you export a MIDI file from your session, that should include and tempo map information inside it.

Do you offer refunds?

Here at Miloco we understand how important your project is. We do hope its never the case but if you are unhappy with your online mix and don't want to proceed with the revision process we will offer you a full refund.

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