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The Chairworks is one of northern England's largest and finest residential recording studio complexes. The Leeds recording studio is the final incarnation in a long heritage of recording studios in the Yorkshire area, run by a team of dedicated professionals who have left no stone unturned in their quest for audio perfection.

The Nave is a three studio complex built into a 19th century Methodist church in Leeds. Designed and built by friends, producers and musicians Matt Peel, Andy Hawkins & Nick Baines, The Nave offers not only a no compromise tracking environment, but also a more affordable overdubbing space, plus a great writing/demo room

The Chairworks, Castleford, England

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The Chairworks' Studio A control room has one of the largest collections of high-end outboard gear in Europe and is built around what many believe to be the ultimate mixing console - a superbly maintained SSL 4000 G+ with flying faders, total recall and Ultimation. The double-height live room was designed by studio legend John Wood, and compliments the already impressive array of live spaces and sound-treated booths at the Leeds recording studio. Finally, with 96 channels of immaculate Prism Sound ADA-8XR conversion, The Chairworks can capture performances perfectly through a large selection of first-class microphones and vintage preamps.

The Nave is a three studio complex built into a 19th century Methodist church in Leeds. Conceived and built by Matt Peel, Andy Hawkins & Nick Baines, the studio has already grown beyond its initial beginnings. What was originally designed as a space for producers Matt & Andy has now become a home for other resident producers and audio technicians in Leeds, forming a mini musical community

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