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Dolby Atmos is a surround sound technology that first came to the market in the world of Post-Production and Cinema. Now Atmos is becoming the new standard for mixing audio too, with Atmos or Spatial Audio mixes available across a range of platforms and streaming services. At Miloco we can provide Dolby Atmos Mixing studios that are fully specced out and certified by Dolby, and can even provide in-house Dolby Atmos mix engineers to create the perfect Atmos mix.

Blackbird Studio, Nashville, USA

Recording Studio, Mixing Studio, 5.1 Mixing Studio, Neve Studio

The Bridge, Bermondsey, London, England

Recording Studio, Mixing Studio, Programming Room

The Red Room London, Bermondsey, London

Recording Studio, Mixing Studio, SSL Studio
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The Red Room London is our flagship mix room, and in summer 2021 became our top of the range Dolby Atmos mixing room in London. Fully kitted out with ATC speakers in a 7.1.4 system and a Grace Designs M908 controller, The Red Room is the UK's premier Atmos mixing suite.

The Bridge is the second Dolby Atmos studio at our Leroy Street complex. Using Genelec 8050APMs and Augspurger subs the system provides anincredibly accurate spatial audio mixing environment.

Surely one of the most renowned Atmos rooms in the world, Blackbird Studio C is instantly recognisable by its wooden diffuser design, made up of 138,646 wooden sticks all cut to different lengths. Their insane Atmos rig is a 9.1.6 system using ATC SCM300s for the LCR and SCM100s for the surrounds and overheads. 

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