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"Hear your mixes as you have never heard them before"

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"Fantastic! The Red Room is the best room in London. I thought the bass on the Augspurgers was going to be comedy bass but it's so controlled while just going crazy low. We'll be back soon..."

Mike Skinner (The Streets / Musician / Producer)

"The new Augspurger monitors are great, brilliant tight bottom end, and the positioning is perfect. My favourite room is back and sounding even better."

Phill Brown (Engineer / Mix Engineer)

"The sound of this studio is really important to the sound of our records."

Tom Rowlands (Chemical Brothers)

"Bro them Augspurgers are the best playback speakers I have ever mixed on"

Jammer (Boy Better Know)

"The new SSL is a dream, and the main monitors have given the room a huge step up to having the clearest and loudest sound in London. The Red Room flies with Upper Class sound!"

Chris Kimsey (Producer Engineer)

"Literally blown away by the Augspurgers. Clarity, top to bottom amazing Definition. The Boom. HB"

Howie B (Producer / Artist)

"This is my one and only mix room. The monitoring is so true, it's just perfect, and Pro Tools is always the latest version before anywhere else. If it's not available I'd rather delay the mix session. I couldn't rate it higher..."

Dan Grech (Producer / Mixer)

"This studio is all about the monitoring. They are super accurate, hype without being flattering, and to use them for programming, remixing or production is great fun..."

Paul Epworth (Producer)