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The Red Room London Mixing and Writing Studio

The Red Room London is one of London's most respected mixing studios, and the first ATC-based Dolby Atmos mixing room in London. Not only that, but it can also be used as great writing environment when artists want the best monitoring possible, complete with a fully isolated vocal booth. The control room is centred around an updated SSL 56 channel G+ Series Console with both Ultimation and total recall, Augspurger Duo-15” Monitors with Dual 18” subs and a Pro Tools HDX rig with a whole host of plug-ins including a UAD card. The room has been built and equipped to create one of the best sounding mix rooms in the country and the vast equipment spec complements this.

The main monitors are Augspurger Duo-15's with dual 18" subs and are both very loud and incredibly accurate. Augspurgers can be found in a huge number of U.S. studios and have a reputation as being loved by the hip-hop fraternity (Jay Z, Dr Dre, Snoop Dog & Wu Tang) due to their incredible power and clarity. However they are not a one trick pony and Augspurger has now delivered them with the incredible responsive and powerful class D ICE amps (2500 watts / channel). This means they can run incredibly loud and use very little power, so you won’t come close to hearing distortion. Acoustician Nick Whitaker has set these up with a slightly more ‘hi-fi’ curve, meaning not only do they sound awesome with electronic dance music but they also work with rock, jazz and every other genre of music. The detail you can hear on these blows every other speaker we’ve tested away. You will never hear your music sounding so good!

In 2021 we created a fully certified Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 setup. Using a full ATC system (the first commercial Atmos room in the UK to do so), we have ATC SCM45As as the left, front and right speakers, then ATC SCM25As as the four overheads and the four surrounds. The subs come courtesy of our dual 18" Augspurger subs. Monitor control and configuration is provided by the incredible Grace Designs M908. We have in-house Dolby Atmos mix engineers meaning we can provide the full Atmos mixing service. Or, if you're looking to for an Atmos-certified room for your own mixes, we can rent the studio in the usual commercial way.

For clients using the room as a mix environment they can either use the console and extensive outboard collection, or mix in the box and just take advantage of the monitors to get the best mix possible. The studio has been devised so that you can hear detail in your tracks that you would not necessarily hear in your own room.

The Red Room is also a great writing studio. In 2020 we built a brand-new isolated vocal booth with complete line of sight into the control room, and a stunning Sony C800G valve microphone.

The studio has delivered a multitude of number one albums, including the 2016 Mercury Award winning album 'Konnichiwa' by Skepta. Over the years clients using the studio have included Skepta, WizKid, The Chemical Brothers (most of their albums), Oasis (What’s The Story Morning Glory), Foals, MIA, Lana Del Rey, Skrillex, Everything Everything and many more.

For larger clients that require more than one room, we have the Bridge studio located next door which is a great writing studio and can be booked in conjunction with the Red Room. Alternatively, we have an immense tracking studio called the Pool.

If you need an insanely good room for monitoring, then the Red Room London is the new London standard.

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